Phunware Ontology

The Phunware Ontology comprises the formal naming and definitions of the entities and the relations between the entities within the Phunware Knowledge Graph. The entities (such as mobile devices, mobile applications, and locations) are the nodes, and the relations (such as isInstalledOn and isSeenIn) are the edges within the graph. Our ontology leverages industry standard and open, shared vocabularies such as to enable data exchange interoperability.

The following figure shows how the various Entities are connected via the Relations in the Phunware Knowledge Graph.

Figure: Phunware Graph - Entities and Relationships


The Phunware Knowledge Graph contains the following kinds of Entities:


The Entities within the Phunware Knowledge Graph are connected to each other by the following kinds of Relations:


In addition to the above Entities and Relations, the Phunware Knowledge Graph contains the following Taxonomy:

Note: The MobileDevice entities are connected to one or more nodes (not necessarily a leaf-node) in the Segments taxonomy via the belongsTo relation.